This page is an example of what not to do when creating a cat's page. I will use Thunderstar as an example.


Thundertar is a small lihe black tom wit blue eyes he is kid and gentle and loes kits and feelslost without a mate and he good at hunting and fightning and he 46 moons he leader he is in lightningclan and he used to be a loner blah blah blah.

If you make your page like this, or similar to it in any way (grammar errors, spelling errors, capitalization errors, shortening, jargon, etc.) this will show up immediately:

Download (13) This page is incomplete. Please edit this page and help bring it up to standards.
Reason: Grammar, spelling, and other errors
If the creator of the page doesn't change it within a couple of days, this will pop up: If the page is still not changed within a couple of days, it will be deleted. You have been warned!