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Territory Edit

The LightningClan territory is a prairie, with lots of rabbits in abundance. There are also a small amount of prairie dogs, but not many since it is a very small prairie.

Camp Edit

The LightningClan camp is a small ravine in the prairie.

Leader's Den Edit

LightningClan Leader's Den

The Leader's den is a pile of rocks that have a gap. The gap is large enough to serve as a den, and so it does.

Medicine Den Edit

LightningClan Medicine Cats Den

The Medicine Den is two rocks wedged together. Between them, there is a large gap, large enough to be a medicine den.

Apprentice Den Edit

LightningClan Apprentice Den

The Apprentice Den is a hole in the side of the ravine, dug out by the LightningClan cats because of a lack of a better solution. It was dug to be large enough to be an apprentice den, and so it is.

Nursery Edit

LightningClan Nursery

The Nursery is half of a fallen tree, and is large enough to be even an apprentice den.

Warrior Den Edit

LightningClan warriors den

The Warrior Den, like the Apprentice Den, is a hole dug out of the ground by cats. But this time it was dug out by the BreezeClan cats when they thought they would be taking the territory. But a prairie wasn't to their liking, so they left it as a gift to the LightningClan cats.

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